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Ebi Tahasoni offers both  comprehensive courses (covering all the four IELTS skills ) as well as single-skill intensive courses and prepares students for either the General Training or the Academic module.

A typical comprehensive course takes about 35 sessions for academic candidates and around 30 sessions for general training candidates. Length of single-skill courses are given below (classes are usually held 2-4 sessions per week).



Average Length

IELTS Reading

10 Sessions

IELTS Academic Writing
Task 1

10 Sessions

IELTS General Training
Writing Task 1

4 Sessions

IELTS Writing
Task 2 (Ac./GT)

Normal Course
10 session

Intensive Course (for candidates who have already passed an IELTS writing course)
6 Sessions

IELTS Speaking

Core instructions: 5 sessions

The number of practice sessions required will be determined for individual candidates based on their needs and language background.


Should you require remedial lessons for your vocabulary, grammar or British/Australian English listening, you will be provided with comprehensive Pre-IELTS courses that cover all that need to be strengthened.
Classes are held at Language Academy (Address: Number 44, Ghods 13 (Felestin 16) Street, Mashhad - Telephone: 051 37 630 230, website: www.myLA.ir).




Below you will find a list of available IELTS courses and their respective course books and resources, as well as fees and payment options.


Course Information:

IELTS Courses



IELTS Reading

Reading Notes by E. Tahasoni,
Cambridge IELTS 3-11 (Past Papers)
Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

IELTS Writing
(academic task 1 coursepack)
(task 2 essay coursepack)

Writing Notes & Material by E. Tahasoni,
Cambridge IELTS 3-11 (Past Papers),
Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

IELTS Speaking
(speaking coursepack)

Speaking Notes & Material by E. Tahasoni,
Cambridge IELTS 3-11 (Past Papers)
Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS


General Communicative English Courses



False Beginner to Lower Intermediate (CEFR A2-B1)

World English Series
(National Geographic 2010)


English File 3rd Edition
(Oxford 2012)

Upper Intermediate (CEFR B2)

Viewpoint 1
(Cambridge, 2014)


Objective First
(Cambridge 2012)


English File 3rd Edition
(Oxford 2013)

Advanced (CEFR C1)

Viewpoint 2
(Cambridge, 2014)


Objective Advanced
Cambridge 2014)

Proficiency (CEFR C2)

Proficiency Masterclass
(Oxford 2012)


Business English Courses



Business English

International Express
Oxford 2014)



How to Book Classes:

In order to book any number of sessions, you need to contact the academy at +985137630230 and coordinate with the morning staff.

Available times may be in the morning or afternoon/evening. Morning time slots are 10AM-11.15AM, 11.15AM-12:30PM and 12:30PM-1.45PM. Afternoon and evening slots vary on different weekdays.

Not all time slots may be available on any given day. The current week and possibly the following one might have already been fully booked.


I love your 'IELTS professional tutor'...and I would vouch for the validity of that claim, for you are.

Ms. Sula Delafuente (Dickie Dolby) – IELTS examiner and TESOL tutor at Sussex Downs College/Iran IELTS; Co-author of "IELTS Graduation" (Macmillan)

You were the one that created the motivation needed to be eager to learn English seriously.

A. Aghaieezadeh – Former student, currently English teacher at  the American Cultural Association Language School in Yalova, Turkey

Certainly his instructions were what helped me jump from 5 to 6.5 in writing and from 5 to 6 in reading.

S. BaniasadiIndustrial Engineer



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